“SEE, TAKE ACTION, CHANGE: Sharing BEAMS’ Results” 3-5 December 2014

Sharing BEAMS’ Results, Models, Methods and Strategies to combat discrimination, racism and xenophobia in Europe

Tackling racist stereotypes in popular culture and devising awareness-raising actions on antidiscrimination and anti-racism have been engaging us, the 16 partners of the BEAMS project, for almost two years now. It took us months to analyze thousands of cultural productions, TV, cinema, music, sports, and other cultural expressions: We involved, interviewed, listened and discussed with over a thousand citizens in open discussion and reflection meetings. We engaged young and less young people in the hundreds during the realization of 20 pilot actions and local events. As a result, the involved citizens produced dozens of cultural productions, videos, art, performances, where they critically review and counter cultural stereotypes that hamper dialogue and increase the potential for racist and discriminatory behaviors. Not only do these activities put into practice the project’s slogan “stop watching, start seeing”, but they go beyond it, they represent “taking action” against stereotypes and discrimination. After two years of intense work, the final event is foreseen as an event open to experts and citizens to showcase the work and the concrete results of the pilot actions and to present and share the overall results, follow up plans of the project to a wide audience. The event will start on Wednesday December 3rd, and will end on Friday December 5th, early afternoon. The BEAMS exhibit will remain open for visitors only by appointment until December 18th, 2014.

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