On Friday 27th May 2016 at 19.00 inside the cloister of the Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli (Dorsoduro 909-919, Venice, facing the Zattere stop) it opens the exhibition of the Venetian artist Arturo Calce, open from 25th May to 26th June from 10.00 till 19.00, closed on Mondays. Putting himself in relation to the Biennale, which will open its doors to the public in those days, Arturo Calce has developed a project of spatialization of his works that will materialize in a cubic shape inside of the beautiful cloister in the Dorsoduro district.
The walls of the “Little Qube Flat” of Calce are a barrier which separates it from the horizontal relation with those around you, for projecting towards the opposite poles of Earth and Heaven. A work to live and dwell, in time ephemeral Venetian, an event steeped in the same idea of cube, symbol of strength, stability and complete realization.
Composing together Plexiglas panels that make up the support chosen by the artist for his work, is to build a space/home that can fulfill the dual function of observation and place of refuge.
The cube is visible until 26th June, will be split during the finissage in his 36 components, which are then sold as multiples to the audience. A way to stress the worthless yet concrete of the artwork.