The Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli, at the conclusion of the exhibition Rivus altus hosted in the past two months at the fifteenth-century cloister, received a beautiful gift by the Boga family members, through their Foundation, who have exhibited, in the photo shows together with architect Massimiliano Farina, the series of sculptures created by them called Homini: “benevolent beings profile, stilizzandosi and emptied, framed and include what is around them” (as he called them the newspaper Panorama the current issue this week – Nov. 23, 2016). But back to the great gift received, you can see just above, “Welcome”, the Sanctity of Don Orione, which welcomes all the little ones with a flower in his hand. The work was placed inside the great eighteenth-century cloister so that it is visible from every room, meeting and surrounding rooms.