Venice, for many visitors, is often only a must-see destination, they’re acquainted with  movies, books, songs or major events such as  the Biennale, museums, Carnival or the palaces on the Grand Canal, but beyond and all around Venice stand the Venitian lagoon. Download the map of the Lagoon

Let’s live Venice slowly, beyond the clichés, get lost to find out the real Venice, discovering the lesser-known islands of the lagoon, walking, biking or by boat.
Old farmers’ and fishermen’s villages are waiting for you to take part in the traditional festivals,  to get a taste of local life and exchange tales with locals. Take  a chance to observe the flora and fauna of these fragile wetlands, follow the naturalistic itineraries and experience the traditional fishing or learn about the lagoon flora and fauna.
If you’re interested in visiting the oasis, dunes and the pine forest of San Nicolò and the wetlands of Santa Maria del Mare, nothing better than the cycling path along the coast of Lido and Pellestrina. Take the vaporetto ACTV

Remember that bicycles are forbidden (even when only lead by hand) in Venice city centre

From “DeTourism”