PROMISING PRACTICES – 9th -11th October 2017

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, University and Research was held in our Center from 9 to 11 October u.s. an international conference under the “Promising Practices” project aimed at drawing up the guidelines that will be submitted to the European Parliament to ensure that the diplomas of the professional institutes of each country are recognized in all European Community countries.

In the presence of the representatives of France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Slovakia, Portugal (absent at the last moment Spain for internal political problems), Dr. Gianni Maddalon, Head of the Department for Educational Education and Training System, General for School Orders and Evaluation of the National Education System has opened the conference “MAKING VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINIG (VET) – A FIRST CHOICE – Second Meeting for a European Peer Learning – Platform on Vocational Education and Training” this city, as an Italian venue for the meeting, Venice being the artifacts city of excellence, that is, crafted by art by skilled craftsmen’s knowledge, and therefore the most suitable place could be found except for Artigianelli, which many boys have formed and started thanks to the professional schools of the Opera Don Orione and that today, in another form, he also works in support of culture.

The event ended with great satisfaction.