St. Martin’s Day is one of the most original and traditional Venetian festivals. The Summer of St Martin and the feast are celebrated with a traditional sweet biscuit pastry representing St. Martin on horseback with his sword, while children go around to “batter sanmartin” or “to beat St. Martin” singing a nursery rhyme in exchange for sweets or coins. Do you want to prepare the traditional sweet ?

The feast is celebrated both on the mainland and in the historic centre with many events for children and families: animation, music, workshops and culinary stands keep the tradition alive.

In Venice two are the churches dedicated to St. Martin. Why not make a visit on this day?

One church is not far from the Arsenale in Castello, built in the 16th century on Jacopo Sansovino’s project, the other one is in the island of Burano. In the church you can admire the Crucifixion by Giambattista Tiepolo (about 1721)

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