On April 25, Liberation Day, Venice celebrates St. Mark, the Patron’s of the city and the gift of a red rosebud (bòcolo) to a beloved. The red rose is strictly related to the feast-day. Even tourists join in this popular tradition.
The custom is linked to the tragic tale of the love and death of the minstrel Tancredi, devoted to the noble Maria Partecipazio, doge’s daughter. Tancredi, joined the army of Charlemagne but fell in battle. Before dying, he entrusted his friend Orlando with a rosebud coloured with the red of his blood for his beloved Maria as a pledge of true and ever-lasting love. Maria, petrified with grief, dies, in her hands, the blood-red rosebud: it was April 25.
Since then in Venice, in St. Mark’s Day, Venetians offer to their beloved partners, mothers and daughters a bòcolo, symbol of eternal love.

Among the others the Regatta of Bòcolo  of the association Vela al Terzo which will take place in the Lagoon near the islands of S. Angelo della Polvere, Sacca Sessola, Poveglia and Boccalama. The regatta will start at 2 p.m. Refreshment at the end of the racing day and awarding of prizes to the three best classified of each category .
All the women participating at the Regatta will receive the traditional Bòcolo.

From “DeTourism”