Venice in Summer can be very hot and humid, but to stay comfortable during the heat of the day visit the museums (do not miss Museums by the Moonligh, on Fridays and Saturdays, throughout the Summer, the Doge’s Palace is open until 11pm) or discover the best beaches, parks (discover the refreshment areas) and nature reserves around Venice.
The Lido of Venice, famous for its Film Festival – this year the 75. International Film Festival will take place from August 29th to September 8th – offers the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of the beach and the sea and, at the same time, due to its closeness, to attend to the numerous events in town.
Its beaches are places of great charm and elegance, the gently-sloping seabed allows even the youngest children to bathe in tranquillity, thanks also to the protection of the San Nicolò and Alberoni dams.The Oasis of Dunes of Alberoni, whose beach is almost a desert in miniature for the high temperatures, dryness of the sandy soil and salt carried by sea winds, organizes on Summer a lot of activities and guided tours for families to discover flora and fauna of the Oasis.
In the opposite side, the north of the island of Lido, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in a landscape and architecture of great value, you can immerse yourself in the green of the Natural Reserve of San Nicolò.

From “DeTourism”