There is an unknown and unaltered Venice, extraordinarily poetic, that seduces those who want to discover it  but be aware and respectful towards it.
Staying in the historic centre of Venice is a truly unique experience, it means feeling like a local, even if only for one day. We suggest a few simple tips to make your stay harmonious with everyday lives of Venetians, your neighbors, so to follow the good rules of coexistence.
Discover the good practices for the responsible visitor.

Plan your visit, choosing a day out  of those in which dense crowding is very likely.
In such days  of Venice, the City of Venice may take exceptional measures for the management of visitor flows with the application of pedestrian and/or road diversions (red or black alert).
To avoid any possible inconvenience, it is advisable to visit Venice on days and at times when the city is less crowded and not affected by these exceptional measures Tourist Report and follow the advice to make your visit more pleasant.

From “DeTourism”