The spectacular event, the most famous Venetian Regatta starts from 4.00 pm with a magnificent historical procession consisting of splendid elaborately carved boats complete with hundreds of figures in gorgeous bracade costumes. The water parade reevokes the triumphant welcome accorded by the Serenissima to the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, who donated her kingdom to Venice in 1489.

There are four actual races, each one on special boats: the first is reserved for the Very Young on pupparini, the second for male crews on 6-oared caorline, the third for Women on 2-oared mascarete, while the 4th constitutes the high spot of the event, that is to say it sees the famous rowing champions compete on gondolini which are a sporting development of the gondola and are only used in the city’s major rowing contest. The arrival is at the Machina ( a grandstand of honour for the authorities) near Ca’ Foscari.

You can attend the Regata Storica comfortably seated on the uncovered floating stalls set up along the Grand Canal near Campo San Polo.

On Friday 24th August 2018, in the week before the Historical Regatta, a disnar with self-organized outdoor tables will be prepared in different areas of Venice city centre, the islands and the mainland. The tradition is back for people who want to know more about  the world of rowing and meet the rowers, in a very Venetian way of living. People bring their own food and drink to share it with other participants.

From “DeTourism”