CERIecon Interreg 20th and 21st September 2018

It is important to provide, at regional level, the right mix of financial and non-financial support to assist entrepreneurs to create new firms.” “And this is the goal of CERIecon. By mid-2019, the project will contribute to a change in the way entrepreneurs are inspired, trained and supported through a balanced package of strategies, actions plans, pilot actions, training, and tools to create new-type comprehensive regional innovation ecosystems in seven Central Europe regions. With their three-step logical project approach (Development – Implementation – Improvement), they want entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to benefit the most from what they do. But also their regions will benefit because from now on regional smart specialisation strategies will be further used to develop novel technologies, and brilliant products and services for economic and social innovation.

Further information: European Office: Vienna Board of Education