A.S.A.P.: A Systemic Approach for Perpetrators 5th November 2018

The meeting organized by the Veneto Region for the European project A.S.A.P.

The general objective of the project is to define and implement a model for integrating intervention methodologies used for victims and for authors of gender-based violence, with the aim of promoting an efficient network for preventing and combating violence against women. The main project activities are: a research on the existing operational models and on the regulations of the 3 countries involved (Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy) for services to support victims of violence and for the treatment of abusers and their reports and additions; a study of operational models in other EU Member States with the same focus; the development of an experimental operating protocol (for the integration of services); the experimentation of this protocol in the three countries involved; the definition and application of an evaluation system to measure the impact of the experimental protocol; the definition of the definitive operative protocol and guidelines for policies to combat violence against women to be proposed to the Authorities of the countries involved (and at European level); dissemination actions of project activities to promote the dissemination of such models in other countries.

Direct beneficiaries of the Project will be service operators in the three countries involved (Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy): about 120 in the structures supporting victims of violence, anti-violence centers and shelter houses; about 60 in the Centers for the treatment of men who are perpetrators of violence.

Indirect beneficiaries will be women victims of violence and abusive men, as they will benefit from the integrated network of services resulting from the application of the new operational protocol.

Further information: E-mail: relazintercomunicazionesistar@regione.veneto.it