The 2020 edition of the Carnival of Venice takes place from February 8th until February 25th.

Game, Love and Folly is the theme of this year’s edition. One hundred and fifty events, 50 initiatives for kids, and many cultural events with the participation of over 300 artists. There are also some new events, such as the special night ball on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Saturday, February 8 there will be the official opening of the Venice Carnival, on the Rio di Cannaregio. The Festa Veneziana will continue on Sunday February 9 with the Water Parade of Venetian Rowing Associations, a parade of decorated boats along the Canal Grande, and food and drink stalls with the venetian food specialities. The Carnival will end on Mardi Gras, Tuesday 25 February, with the Svolo del León, a tribute to the winged Lion of Saint Mark at St Mark’s Square.

There are plenty of events scheduled for the 18 days of celebration, spreading from the Venice historic city centre out to the whole metropolitan area. Considered one of the most anticipated events of the Carnival, the Flight of the Angel, on Sunday 16 February, will be the official opening of the celebrations of St. Mark’s Square.

Finally, you cannot miss the frìtole, the well-known Venetian sweet fritters symbol of the Carnival along with the galàni (also known as chiacchiere, frappe, bugie, crostoli or cenci in other areas of Italy).

From “DeTourism”