In occasion of 15. International architecture exhibition-the Venice Biennale, was inaugurated, Friday May 27th, at 16.00 at our Center, the exhibition “EIRETAMA” of Brazilian designers Mameluca Studio. Artists, inspired by the unique tattoos and body paints of the Indians of the Amazon rainforest, which resemble the structure of the hives, have designed and built the original facilities for street furniture: benches, chairs, tables etc., all made from recycled materials such as old tires truck wheels. The setting is really impressive, our Cloister Don Orione was transformed into a piece of Brazilian forest: this is a sensory-emotional experience. Entering the porch you are greeted by the chirping of the budgies and colourful pictures of the Indians with the directions of the study carried out by designers to get to the execution of works that have been exhibited in the Central Garden enriched by plants and beach towels fluttering; These are the images of the forest trees and give off the scent of the forest itself, being sprayed every day from essential oil “Rainforest” came directly from there.