General rules

Managing organization

The Cultural Centre Don Orione Artigianelli is a branch house belonging to the Religious Province of San Marziano of Don Orione, whose main seat is in Milan. It is an ecclesiastical corporation with juridical personality, whose relations with the Italian state are regulated by the Law No. 222 dtd. 20/05/1985.
From the administrative point of view, the Cultural Centre is authorized from the Venetian municipality as a religious house of hospitality (SUAP VENICE index No. 27.00092 dtd. 02/01/2007) to the reception, an activity that is defined in the following article No. 12 of the Venetian Region Law No. 49 dd. 22.10.1999: “ Religious houses of hospitality are receptive structures characterized by the religious finalities of the organization manager that offers hospitality under payment to whoever asks for it, in the respect of the religious character of the same hospitality and by accepting the general rules and service restrictions”.

The house

The fifteenth-century structure in Venice- Zattere that was once used as a convent by Gesuati, has been enlarged by the Dominicans in the eighteenth century and transformed into a public orphanage after the fall of Napoleon; then it has been purchased by Don Orione in order to help needy people of the city and to start them to a job.
The recent restructure, that was started in the year 1996 and finished on February 2006, has been demanded by the organization manager in order to transform it in Religious House of Hospitality and in International Congress Centre, open to all those who would like to share within the hospitality cultural ideals of christian and Don Orione’ s inspiration.


Purpose of the organization manager is to offer his kind guests a serene and resting environment and to give them an opportunity to rediscover the human and Christian values in a relationship of respect and cordiality with everybody.
Viceversa, by entering this Guest House, each guest implicitly declares to accept these finalities and to adapt himself to the directions indicated in the present general rules for a good prosecution of living together for everyone.

The Church of “St. Mary of the Visitation” is attached to the centre.

General rules

1. This Religious Guest House is open to everyone: women and men of every age and social conditions, lay or religious, individuals or groups, disabled people, belivers or non believers but open to listening, to dialogue and to confrontation; successful people or still on the path who wish to communicate, attracted by the peace and quietness of this place not only by the brotherly welcome; anyhow people who have Christian and religious ideals and are available to live together trying to get over possible difficulties of life in a group.

  1. Rooms reservation must be made by fax or e-mail, specifying date of arrival, departure and requests. Reservation is valid only after receiving a written confirmation by the House.

  2. 30% of the amount of your stay or credit card details are required as a deposit to guarantee and confirm the booking. In case of cancellation, the deposit given is not refundable.

  3. Rooms are available from 3:00 pm on the arrival date.

  4. On the day of departure rooms must be left at 10:00 am. In case of need and upon request, luggage may be left in a deposit

    room. The Direction won’t take any responsibilities for things left inside the deposit room.

  5. At the check-in, every guest must show a valid identity document that can be copied and detained by the reception for the

    whole period of stay. Guests must take note of all written conditions and if they agree, it means that they accept to be guests

    of the House without reservation.

  6. Payments will be accepted from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm at the reception desk.

  7. Italian buffet breakfast is served from 7:30 am until 9:30 am and can only be consumed in the suitable room.

  8. At night, entrance will be closed at 1:00 am. For particular needs after this time please inform reception staff in advance to

    allow the entrance.

  9. When you leave, keys (badge) must be left at the reception desk.

  10. Reception service and phone reservation start at 7:00 am and close at 1:00 am.

  11. Telephone calls must be paid on departure day.

Rules of conduct

    13. Guests are kindly requested to be respectful towards the House’ decoration, its role and the preservation of its furniture and in any

          case,  they must behave properly since it is a religious place.

  1. The Direction can ask for a refund for possible damages or failures, in particular in relation to room’s furniture.

  2. The Direction won’t take any responsibilities for values left unattended in the rooms and in general in all areas that are

    available to guests.

  3. Guests are kindly requested to avoid noise that can disturb other people, in particular during the night.

  4. It is not allowed to show rooms to strangers without the permission of the Direction.

  5. It is forbidden to bring animals, to smoke, to use cookers, heaters, boilers, irons and other potentially dangerous objects.

  6. The use of television is permitted only in the suitable meeting rooms.

  7. Radios and CD players must be kept in low volume especially after 10.00 pm.

  8. Any complaint must be communicated in written form to the Direction, who is directly in charge of the good state of the House.

  9. According to the Law (n.3 – art. 51 of the 16.11.2003) it is forbidden to smoke in the House.

The Direction