From October 8th to November 27th 2016, we will host the exhibition “Rivus Altus” at Sala Tiziano by our Centro Culturale Don Orione Artigianelli Dorsoduro 909/a.  To view sculptures by Alberto Giacometti and brothers Boga alongside a photographic project by Massimiliano Farina.

Photographic series together in an unprecedented way the panorama of Venice more known in the world: the view from the Rialto Bridge; Farina takes this heterogeneous size sensitive, capturing the eyes and actions of the people around him.

The items in the installation are a real added value thanks to the participation of The Boga Foundation: the series of sculptures “Homini” of Boga converses with the elements of the exhibition, materializing the relationship between visitors and the people.

As a tribute to the 50th from the death of Giacometti and in remembrance of his participation at the Venice Biennale of 1956, will present two of his works from the collection of The Boga Foundation. The eclectic creative Boga is a precious source of inspiration from the work of Giacometti.

The project “Rivus Altus” consists thus of two distinct elements, in continuous dialogue between them, the landscape and its observatories.

The exhibition is realized with the contribution of The Boga Foundation, sponsored by the city of Venice, IUAV University, communication by Vittorio Schieroni. http://www.ilpontedirialto.it