25th April 2017 – Feast of Saint Mark – Feast of “bocolo”

Tuesday, April 25th, Venice celebrates the Feast of Saint Mark, the patron Saint of the city, a party full of history and meanings, with the traditional custom of each Venetian to make a gift of a rosebud to his life partner, or even to Mom and daughters.

To feel in every way a true Venetian, April 25th you have to run the flower shop to grab a bud field of red rose and you have to give it to your beloved, to your mother, daughter or sister. The tradition of the gift of “bocolo” (which means bud in Venetian) is a fixed rule on April 25th in Venice and foundations found in the most ancient city legends.

The myths that narrate it are two and both versions are accepted. The first narrates the love between the noblewoman Maria Partecipazio and Tancredi the troubadour, hampered by social diversity; the second is about the rose garden which was located close to the tomb of St. Mark.

In either case, the gift is associated with the love for a woman.