Purpose of theoretical-practical Vascular Color Doppler  course is a professional update on the execution and interpretation of morphological and hemodynamic data provided by examining and compiling a correct report. The course sessions are divided into two parts. A first part will be held in the classroom and will deal with some lessons on the clinical and application aspects of Doppler echo exams. In the second part of the session, the classmates will be divided into 6 groups and will follow the speakers and other experts in carrying out the theoretical examinations. Each group will have an ultimate generation Doppler eco-equipment. The practical part is the central part of this course. It will cover the setting of the equipment, the positioning of the probe, the choice of the scanning plane, the acquisition of the ultrasound information of the pulsed Doppler and the flow color map, the possible estimation of the percentage of stenosis. At the end of the session, the types will be compiled for the various types. The course is divided into 4 half-day sessions each.

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