CATHOLIC ACADEMY OF BAVARIA – 26th-30th September 2017

The Catholic Academy of Bavaria celebrates this year’s 60th anniversary of foundation. At the center of his daily work, at his congress venue in Munich, there is an offer of information and training on various subjects: humanistic, theological, artistic and scientific. On the occasion of the Biennale Arte di Venezia, the Academy organized, for the fifth time at our Center, the Art Week from 26 to 30 September 2017 with a hundred participants. The first evening was held at our Magna Aula. Here Dr. Florian Schuller, after the greeting of the rite, introduced the arch. Don Gianmatteo Caputo, who is responsible for the Patriarchal Curia of Venice and the dioceses of Triveneto for cultural and ecclesiastical heritage, illustrating the relationship between church and art, in particular has laid out the logic of positioning works of art and their interaction with the environment within churches as places of worship. The intervention was particularly appreciated by the participants. In the following days, the visits of the pavilions of the Biennale to the Gardens and the Arsenal and the side exhibitions taking place in the palaces and churches of Venice were organized; two national pavilions (Antigua-Barbuda and San Marino) are housed in our Center. Three leading experts and artisans, Prof. Thomas Raff, Dr. Wilhelm Christoph Warning and Dr. Walter Zahner, as well as artist Christoph Brech, accompanied the guests.

Further information: Dr. Astrid SCHILLING and Dr. Michael ZACHMEIER