The start date of the Venice Carnival 2018 is Saturday, January 27th, when the Canale di Cannaregio becomes the scenery of the first part of an evocative evening show. The following day, Sunday, January 28th the Venetian festival on the water continues with the second part of the festival, which includes a water procession at noon of the Voga alla Veneta Rowing Associations.From Saturday 3rd February we enter the living with the masks contest, the Feast of the Marys – the parade leaves at 2.30 pm from San Piero di Castello and reaches Piazza San Marco at 4 pm after traveling via Garibaldi and Riva degli Schiavoni – and others appointments in the streets and squares of the city.

Televenezia is media partner of the event.Sunday, February 4th is the Flight of the Angel to officially open the Carnival with the spectacular descent of the Angel of the Carnival on Piazza San Marco at 12 pm.

The guest who will fly from the Campanile di San Marco on the square below will be the Maria winner of the 2017 Carnival, or the splendid Elisa Costantini.During the following week, the festivities continue between the masks of the competition and the activities related to the theme of the carnival 2018: in Piazza San Marco every day from 11.00 to 17.00 masks, actors and actors reproduce the craft and workshop activities of the eighteenth-century Venice. On Sunday 11th February the Volo dell’Aquila will take place, while during the day the masks will continue, with the final of the competition of the most beautiful mask. We report that the name of the guest who will play the Eagle in 2018 has not yet been announced. The Venice Carnival ends on February 13th – Shrove Tuesday – with the coronation of the Maria of the Carnival 2018 at 4.30pm and the Svolo del Leon at 5pm; both events in Piazza San Marco.

It isn’t Carnival without the “fritole”, typical of this period, since the Renaissance. In the 18th century they are considered the national sweet of the Serenissima.
The fritole used to be prepared using pig’s lard instead of oil, in the calli, in quadrangular wooden huts by the fritoleri, they even had their own association.  During carnival time you can find frittelle everywhere but lyou can make them at home like Venetians do.
Frittelle in the Venetian way (for 6 persons)
200 g of 00 flour
50 g of sugar
50 g of raisins
10 g of baking powder
1 l peanut oil
2 dl milk
1 egg
Icing sugar and salt, as much as needed
In a bowl, mix the flour, egg, salt, raisins (previously steeped in water or grappa) and the baking powder diluted in half the quantity of milk. Add the remaining milk and bring the mixture together to form a soft batter. Cover it and let it raise in a warm place for about one hour. In a deep but not very large pan, heat the oil and when it’s hot, throw in one by one little balls of the batter with a spoon. They’re ready when they have a nice brown colour. Drain with a slotted spoon and transfer them to a large plate lined with oil-absorbing cooking paper. Dust with icing sugar!

From “DeTourism”