With the coming of spring, we suggest some not-to-be-missed ideas for enjoying a tour in the lagoon that is out of the ordinary. Travel ideas and itineraries for a day, a weekend or for as long as you like, to print and carry in your pocket or to read on your smartphone or tablet.
On the islands of Lido and Pellestrina, besides the beaches, you can also see beautiful natural reserves, like the LIPU Ca’ Roman natural reserve and the WWF Dune degli Alberoni reserve. These are areas of remarkable ecological naturalistic interest. To know Venice also means to taste the flavours and recognize the aromas of its cooking and to experience the typical traditional dishes of the lagoon: here some tips.

Why not get to know the lesser-known islands of the lagoon with these itineraries to follow on foot, by bike or by boat?

If you love Venice, we ask you to respect it, living it in the most responsible way, respecting its uniqueness and beauty, avoiding indecorous and disrespectful behavior.
If you want to really enjoy the City, and not wait in queues for museums, public transport and access to parking areas, avoid days when big turnouts of tourists are foreseen. Consult the Tourist Report with the 2018 daily tourist estimates.


From “DeTourism”