FESTA DEL REDENTORE 14th-15th July 2018

If you are in Venice on the third Saturday and Sunday of July, you have the unmissable opportunity to participate in the Feast of the Redeemer one of the oldest and most popular folk festivals, which recalls the end of the plague of 1576 and which still has a special meaning attended for the Venetians. Every year, a floating bridge is built across the Giudecca canal to reach the Church of the Redeemer, built by Palladio in gratitude for the end of the plague, and to participate in the religious ceremonies of thanksgiving. At dusk, the San Marco basin becomes a stage when it begins to fill with boats adorned with garlands, lights and balloons. From the shore and from the water the main event is awaited – the fireworks – true protagonists of the festival, very awaited by all the participants. The Venetians traditionally watch the fires from the water, beginning to gather in the Basin from the late afternoon, bringing the typical Venetian specialties, sardines in saor, pasta and beans, watermelon and wine. At the end, repeating the centuries-old use, many spend the night outside waiting for dawn at the Lido. The following day, cross the floating bridge for the traditional Regatta of the Redeemer (from 16 onwards) to see the arrival of the boats in the race. The atmosphere of the Redentore is very fun and festive: it’s a great time to be in Venice, to experience a popular Venetian festival, which everyone can participate in: you’ll love it!

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