Venice historic centre is completely pedestrian, it is not allowed to ride bikes nor any other cycles, not even carrying them by hand. It is only allowed to carry bikes by hand exclusively in the short itinerary going from Venice-Piazzale Roma, across Costituzione bridge, and then going along Santa Lucia bank, until the Scalzi Bridge.

For those arriving in Mestre by bike and directed to Venice, a bike-park is available with more than 800 places nearby Venezia-Mestre railway station, in Trento street.

Venice mainland has plenty of green areas: two big urban parks – Parco San Giuliano and Parco Albanese – as well as a 230-hectare area of woodland, that can be visited by bike lanes. All these green areas can be quite easily reached from Mestre historic centre by bycicle, thanks to an extensive network of cycling and walking routes.

To go to Lido and Pellestrina islands with your bike, you can only use special allocated ACTV public transport routes:

In Mestre and at the Lido of Venice there is a fully automated public bicycle-sharing system, available 24/7. The first hour of use is free, while the next minutes are charged according to the given rates. To access the bike sharing service, you must have a Venezia Unica card. You can register online, or at authorized sales points.

Other itineraries on the outskirts:

But you can choose many other bike tourism itineraries in the Region of Veneto.

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