“Do not resign yourself to unsuccessful assistance but propose a cure to achieve real integration”.

This, in short, was what was affirmed by Dr. Franco Garonna during the press conference to present the conference which was held on November 30th at the prestigious headquarters of the Don Orione Artigianelli Cultural Center of Venice.

The event, sponsored by the Veneto Region, by the City of Venice, by the psychologists of the Veneto, by the Italian psychiatric training society, by the Italian society for neurodevelopmental disorders and by the Salesian University Institute in Venice.

The study day saw the contributions of researchers and clinicians in the field of applied neuroscience with neuropsychiatric, psychological, psychopathological and Nursing skills. Give to those with disabilities those clinical tools that allow them to enhance hidden skills and activate valuable resources.

Seminarial work was confronted with the public to examine organizational issues and to improve the approach to family and institutional contexts.

In addition to experts and clinicians of the sector, prof. Marco Bertelli – President of the Italian Society for the problems of neurodevelopment – Professor Francesco Valeriani – President of the Italian Society of Training in Psychiatry – Prof. Enrico Smeraldi – emeritus of Psychiatry at the San Raffaele University of Milan – Prof. Roberto Cavallaro Professor of Psychiatry of the San Raffaele University of Milan – Prof. Roberto Franchini Professor of Pedagogy of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart – Dr. Luisa Anna Rigon, professor of Nursing.

Further information:

Dr.ssa Fabrizia Scantamburlo – tel. 0039 347 0942599 – fabriziascantamburlo@donorionechirignago.irt