Traveling is a way of living. It keeps us alive and connected in a manner that

transcends technology, although we benefit from it: since we can learn more about Venice, in just a few mouse clicks.

Would you like to discover secret places and tips to go beyond the usual tourist sights and see Venice with new eyes to experience the city as a local, and at the same time respecting this city which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

If this is the case, consult #EnjoyRespectVenezia, the city of Venice’s awareness campaign promoted to guide visitors towards the adoption of responsible behaviors that respect the environment, the landscape, the artistic beauties and the identity of Venice and its inhabitants.
You will find good rules with advice and recommendations to become travellers that are more aware and the suggestions to follow those sustainable itineraries outside the usual paths that lead to the discovery of unusual city views; palaces, gardens, churches and museums unknown to most; historic villages of the islands of the lagoon; ancient fortifications, natural areas and cycle-pedestrian routes in the Venetian mainland.
Even in winter Venice has its charm,… discover it. you have the best chance of a quiet tour, enjoying the city and respecting it, to live it to the fullest!

From “DeTourism”