Best CiBO (FOOD).

Improving Organic Organic Cycles: supply chain synergies for integrated agri-food sustainability “is a research project of the Iuav University of Venice financed with FSE funds from the Veneto Region, which explores the possibilities of organic waste recovery in Venice to transform them into Km0 compost, with a view to environmental circularity and urban metabolism, and which intends to exploit the singularity of action between restaurateurs and farmers above all.

The project considers the relationships of circularity between local food production and regenerative management of organic waste as strategic aspects of agro-food and environmental sustainability, and calls for a more extensive rethinking of the short chain in a two-way perspective, not only focused on chain farm-to-table, but also to return table-to-farm.

In particular, we consider it a priority to recover the organic waste from Venetian catering activities to produce quality compost, locally available and accessible, which can be used by agricultural companies operating in the lagoon (or in the immediate hinterland).

We want to co-design a win-win model for all and that contributes to the construction of virtuous local chains: that transform waste into a resource, which reduces the costs (economic and environmental) of transport and treatment, which offers advantageous opportunities for restaurateurs for sustainable disposal of organic waste, making a valuable resource accessible to professional farmers and urban growers. The event includes seminar parts and parts of workshops / collective debossing, a coffee break, a final aperitif and the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the fifteenth-century complex that hosts us.


– Matelda Reho, Iuav University of Venice

– Sarah Stempfle, Iuav University of Venice

– Giuliana Da Villa, Veritas

– Federico Adolfo, Veritas

– Paolo Silingardi, Achab Group

Further information:

Sarah Stempfle, PhD

Research Fellow

Università Iuav di Venezia 

Dipartimento di Culture del progetto

Ca’ Tron, Santa Croce 1957, 30135 Venezia (Italy)

E-mail: stempfle@iuav.it

Cell: (+39) 3463033896