BOUNDARIES – April 20 – November 24, 2024  –  CHIESA S.M. DELLA VISITAZIONE


MEMO AKTEN (b. 1975, Instanbul, Turkey) is a multy disciplinary artist, musician and researcher working with emerging technologies – particulary software, algorithms and computation – as a medium.
He is best known for creating digital installations that explore the tension between ecology, technology, science and spirituality.
Akten’s latest work, the 8:10 digital animation video titled BOUNDARIES (2023-24), commissioned specially for this exhibition, offers a profound meditation on life and our interconnectedness with the universe. Utilizing cutting-edge arcificial intelligence techniques, this porject envisions barriers and boundaries less as lines of division but more as permeable zones that allow to connect with what lies beyond. Making no a priori distinctions between the things we often perceive as mutually different or incompatible, BOUNDARIES shifts from the molecular to the cosmic and back, elegantly interweaving visuals and souds that borrow from the everyday and the transcendent, the natural and the virtual, the organic and the inanimate …